Janice’s 2K

Janice can think of a lot of things that middle class families could do with their $2,200 tax cut. That’s why she is joining hundreds of other Western Pennsylvanians to call on Rep. Tim Murphy to extend the middle class tax cuts and let the tax cuts for the super wealthy expire.

Tom’s 2K

Speaker John Boehner allowed the House to take a break without giving the middle class the break they deserve. Before the House adjourned this week they left the matter of extending the middle class tax cuts unresolved. While most middle class Americans would be fired for skirting their job responsibilities, the Republican House celebrate their inaction.

Thomas Taylor of Greensburg spoke out against Republican obstruction at Rep. Tim Murphy’s office this week. Tom is one of millions of Pennsylvanians who want Congress to renew the middle class tax cuts and are concerned about fiscal cliff cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. His 46-year-old son is severely developmentally disabled and needs round the clock institutional care that is paid for by Medicaid and Social Security. Despite earning a good salary for most his career as an advertising executive, Taylor acknowledges that caring for his son would have put him in poverty if not for Social Security and Medicaid.

Alex and Scarlet’s $2K

Alex and Scarlet are working their way through medical school. While they’ll eventually be earning good money, times are tough until they finish school. Alex and Scarlet need the $2K middle class tax cut that the House Republicans are threatening to end. That’s why they spoke out at Rep.Tim Murphy’s office in Greensburg this week and called on their Congressman to extend the middle class tax cuts:

If Republicans were really serious about closing loopholes…

Republican leaders in Congress are demanding lower tax rates for the wealthy, claiming they want to reform “deductions and loopholes” instead — without specifying which ones. If Republicans are serious about closing corporate tax loopholes, they can start with these four:

1.     Cleaning Up The Tax Code Starts With Ending The Bush Tax Cuts For The Richest 2%

If we want a cleaner, simpler, and more efficient tax code, start by ending the Bush tax cuts for the richest 2%. How much simpler and cleaner can you get than raising rates? It’s also simple math — you can’t have a realistic tax plan with numbers that work without raising rates.

2.     Hedge Fund Managers Loophole

Should a hedge fund manager get a special break for his billions so he pays a lower rate than his janitor? We need to close the “carried interest” loophole that lets this happen.

3.     Wall Street Speculation Tax

Wall Street should help pay to fix the financial mess they created. Put a tiny, highly popular tax on Wall Street gambling to raise that money and discourage reckless financial speculation at the same time.

4.     Reward Work More Than Wealth

The reason Mitt Romney paid only a 10% federal income tax rate last year — lower than a middle class family — is because the money he makes off his fortune is taxed at the bottom dollar capital gains & dividends rates.

And then if Republicans are hungry for more, here are eight more loopholes for the wealthy that ensure that the poor and middle class pay more: Continue reading

Tina’s 2K

Tina spends her days providing great care for children. Her tax cut goes right back into her day care. She is joining thousands of western Pennsylvanians in calling on Rep. Tim Murphy to extend the middle class tax cuts:

Carl’s 2K

If the House doesn’t act soon 4.9 million Pennsylvania families could lose their middle class $2,200 tax cut. Carl speaks out on what he would do with his $2K:


Fiscal Cliff Falalalala-Caroling Over the Cliff in Bristol: Mon., Dec.10, 5:30pm

The Fiscal Cliff by Candlelight and Carols: Community Members to Hold Holiday Vigil for the Middle Class

Working Families, Seniors, Small Business Owners and Faith Leaders Call on Rep. Fitzpatrick to Put Middle Class Tax Cuts Under the Tree 

BRISTOL- As the fiscal cliff deadline looms, local residents will converge at the Bristol Borough holiday tree on Monday, December 10 for a holiday-themed vigil to call on Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick to extend the middle class tax cuts. The vigil is part of a day-of-action with hundreds of groups participating nationwide.

Aiming to hold Rep. Fitzpatrick accountable to the needs of the middle class, community activists, small business owners and faith leaders will gather under candlelight to speak out on the need to extend the middle class tax cuts, make the richest 2% pay their fair share, and protect Medicare, Medicaid, education and other vital services from cuts.

Following the speaking program, participants will trim the tree with garland comprised of hundreds of “My2K” loops describing what local middle class families would do with their $2,200 tax breaks. Then the group will make their way through the streets of Bristol for tax cut-themed caroling. Participants are encouraged to bring non-perishable food items for the Lower Bucks Salvation Army.

WHAT:        Holiday Vigil for the Middle Class

WHEN:        Monday, December 10, 5:30pm-7:30pm (Speaking program from 6:00pm-6:45pm)

WHERE:     Bristol Holiday Tree (Mill St. & Radcliff St.) Bristol, PA

WHO:          PA Working Families and Penn Action

Det Ansinn-Local small business owner

Pastor James Evans-Norton Ave. Baptist Church

(Invited) Patrick Murphy-Former Congressman, MSNBC contributor

Pastor Kevin Price-House of Prayer, Levittown

Middle class tax cut recipients and those directly affected by potential cuts

Stop the middle-class tax hikes now: Call Congress

On December 5th, thousands of Americans will pick up the phone to call their elected officials and tell them that now is no time to play games with working class Americans.  If an agreement is not reached by January 1st, the average working American will pay more than $2000 in additional federal income taxes in 2013.

Call 866-426-2631 to get background information on the issue, and to be connected to the office of your member of the House of Representatives. Let them know that we rejected the policies of the wealthiest 2% on Election Day, and that it’s time to extend the tax cuts for the other 98%. 

Call 1-866-426-2631 on Dec. 5th to urge the House to extend the tax cuts for the middle class.