What Happens in Key Largo, Stays in Key Largo

A long, long, time ago in March of 2012, Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick was one of a group of Republican members of Congress caught on tape by CBS News cavorting with corporate big bank lobbyists at an exclusive private resort in Key Largo. What was the ticket price for the pleasure of Rep. Fitzpatrick and his colleagues’ company, you ask?  Tickets started at a cool $10,000 per head. And that only got you into the happy hour!

After the CBS News expose’ Rep. Fitzpatrick has been reluctant to talk about the new friends he made in Florida. This leaves us to wonder: Did they have a falling out over golf? Did some lobbyist spill a $3,000 margarita all over his new white pants and docksiders? Or perhaps Rep. Fitzpatrick realized that it looks, well, not so good that he is this close and cozy with the big banks he is supposed to be regulating as a member of the House Financial Services Committee.

Well, that was a month ago. It’s all water under the bridge (or private, exclusive, yacht marina in Key Largo).

But, Rep. Fitzpatrick’s constituents are still asking him (WHAT A DRAG!) about his Key Largo excursion. They seem to think they should have access to their congressman even if they don’t have $10,000 to give him.

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